CCC#43: The Creeper (flash fiction)


The Creeper


Local stories told of the Marsh Creeper that only came out at night. For that reason no local would ever walk across the fields or near the marshes when it was dark. The stories said that if you did go out in the darkness, the Creeper would catch you with it’s long bony fingers and slowly dismember you, then hang a few of your remains on someone’s gate. Sometimes it would leave some of your clothes, other times it would leave parts of your body.

A visiting tourist heard the stories and thought it was a load of unmitigated hogwash designed only to scare any passing visitors. One moonlit evening he decided to go for a walk across the fields. In the morning light two articles of his clothing were found hanging on a gate. The rest of him was never seen again.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 143


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #43.


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©2019 Joanne Fisher


6 thoughts on “CCC#43: The Creeper (flash fiction)

  1. I like it, Joanne. Though, to be honest, despite the marshes being somewhat desolate (apart from sheep, horses and cattle) I know no stories of people missing (how easy to fall into the drainage ditches and drown; yet it seems not to happen). However, folklore does credit all Norfolk rivers with the prowling presence of Old Shuck. A huge black dog with glowing red eyes that looms out of the mist. To see it is death.

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