Slasher (flash fiction)




I smacked him in the head with the baseball bat I had found. He fell over dropping the axe he held. His mask, however, stayed in place. I so wanted to lift that mask off to see who it was, but I was also terrified to get nearer to him. So I ran to the fence instead and started to climb up. I had to get out of here.

That thing had already killed many of my friends, and I wondered whether I was the heroine who defeats him in the end and lives to fight another day, or was I the one who almost escapes but doesn’t? It was raining heavily now with occasional bursts of lightning and thunder in the distance. My hands and feet slipped on the chain link fence as I tried to climb up and then suddenly I felt his vice-like ice cold hands on my right leg as he began to pull me back down…


Joanne Fisher


I used to like watching slasher films, but if you’ve watched enough of them they become quite formulaic after a while…


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©2019 Joanne Fisher