Going Out (flash fiction)



Going Out


It had been a while since Tiffany had last dated someone. Her last relationship had ended so badly she felt she needed a long interlude so she could lick her wounds. Not that she minded being on her own. She was rather proud of the fact that she could quite happily survive by herself. It’s just that sometimes she missed the affection. She loved cuddling and being kissed.

Tonight she had her first date in a long time. She was nervous as hell, but also knew that if it didn’t work out this time, she could always try again.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt interlude provided by the Carrot Ranch September 19 Flash Fiction Challenge.


For some reason my post Edward Bear Has A Good Day only got around half the views I was expecting.  Was it a WordPress glitch, or too much of a change in tone?



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©2019 Joanne Fisher



8 thoughts on “Going Out (flash fiction)

  1. It’s good to live alone. I relish my own undisturbed company. But you are right, there are times when a cuddle does us so much good. Alas, it’s not acceptable to stand in the middle of the street and say, “Come on, everybody, give us a hug.”

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      1. Yea. For which reason I value my children though they’ve now (thankfully) flown the nest. And whenever I visit my father we have a real big rib-cracking huge. Apparently, I’m the only one of the sibs who do that. Maybe because the others have spouses.

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