A Dead Dark God Grumbles (flash fiction)



A Dead Dark God Grumbles


I was once powerful. More powerful than anything seen before. I had many followers and was feared by everyone. Impregnable was my black fortress, unscalable were my defences, unassailable were my lands, undefeatable were my armies. Yet one day I was overthrown. My body was destroyed and my spirit was hurled into the darkness. And now no one remembers me. Nameless I have now become. A disembodied voice crying out in the void.

One day I’ll find a way to return and everyone will again quake with fear when they hear my name, and the world will be mine.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt about someone unremembered provided by the Carrot Ranch September 26 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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©2019 Joanne Fisher

13 thoughts on “A Dead Dark God Grumbles (flash fiction)

  1. A god or a celebrity who tweeted something recently deemed offensive?

    This is good. I’ve always wondered what happened to the gods Neil Gaiman killed off. Is there an afterlife for deities?

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