Morning Love (poem)


Morning Love



I can feel summer coming

bursting the flowers open

warming the old bones

of the earth


above a fighter jet sears

a long white scar on an

unblemished sky


this morning we have

scrambled eggs together

a golden yellow on

wholemeal toast

after we had been

through the night

consuming each other


the new light floods

through the windows

reflecting in your burning

sapphire eyes & shimmering

blonde hair




roll that word around

succinctly in your mouth

for a while


on a morning like this

it tastes so sweet



Joanne Fisher



First published on this blog November 2017.


Originally published in Spin.


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Β©2019 Joanne Fisher





12 thoughts on “Morning Love (poem)

  1. The Antipodes, all upset down. One of my characters in a book I’m aiming to e-pub next year, asks if people there have a thing against feet. He doesn’t really understand the modern world. But at least he doesn’t ask if they walk on their hands, as my young nephew did.

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