The Keep (flash fiction)

Artist unknown

The Keep


They waited until dark. Silently as shadows they slipped over the wall unseen. The keep now stood before them. Aalen and Ashalla climbed up the side. It was steep, but fortunately they found places for their hands to hold on as they ascended. Once they clambered over the ramparts, there were two sentries who hadn’t noticed them. One got a well-aimed throwing knife in his throat, while Aalen was upon the other before he could make a sound. They both sneaked to the doorway and came into a room with a stairwell. They were now inside the Baron’s Keep.


Joanne Fisher


Not actually written for a prompt, I just wanted to continue this story.

In other news, my post Blood Money is now my most liked post. As it was written for a terrible poetry competition, I will consider the implications of this… 😉


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©2019 Joanne Fisher



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