In the Woods (fiction)

Red by Snugglestab

In the Woods


In her hands was a basket of food for Grandma, but she had walked down the wrong path and now she was lost, and it was getting dark. In the distance she heard wolf howls.

“Hello young lady. What’s in your basket?” said an unkempt man who had just appeared among the trees. He looked darkly at her.

“Just some food for my grandma, but I’ve lost my way.” She replied feeling rather startled by the man’s sudden appearance.

“If you come with me, I’ll help you find the right path.” He replied while holding his right hand out to her.

She backed away from him. She had seen him before. They both stood there in the gathering gloom. As they regarded each other, the full moon rose above the tree tops. The man suddenly started changing before her eyes. Dense hair grew out of his skin, his hands and feet suddenly extended, his fingernails turned to claws, and his face became more elongated, until it more resembled a wolf. Within a brief moment, standing before her now on it’s hind quarters was some creature that was somewhere between man and wolf. It howled out loudly. It’s howls were joined with others from further away. She decided it was time to run.

She ran through the undergrowth and past trees knowing the creature was in pursuit. If she could find the right way again, then she had a chance. Wearing a red hooded cloak probably wasn’t helping her escape from him. As she ran she could hear him crashing through the forest behind her. It was only a matter of time when he caught up and bit her. She ran frantically onwards.

Then suddenly she found a path she recognised. She stopped and looked around. She knew where she was now. She ran down the road until she found Grandma’s little cottage. The gate was already open. She went through and knocked on the door.

“Hello dear! I’ve been waiting for you.” Grandma said as she gave her a hug. “Come in!” Red walked in to the cosy living room and sat down on the couch.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, but I got a bit lost.” Red said.

“Did you bring something to eat? I’m getting hungry.” Grandma asked.

“Sure thing.” Red took off the cover to her basket and revealed what she had brought.

“Oh how wonderful! I suppose you want some too?”

Yes please Grandma. I’m really hungry now.” Red replied nodding her head.

Red and Grandma sat together on the couch watching television while consuming what Red had brought over. Outside a wolf howled.

“By the way your gate was open and your guard dog got out, you know, the one that thinks it’s a human sometimes. He gave me a good chase in the forest. I’m always terrified he’s going to bite me.” Red informed her.

“Sounds like he’s finally back. I suppose I should go and close that gate.” Grandma commented as she finished drinking her blood.


Joanne Fisher


I’m not sure how many variations on Red Riding Hood I’ve done now, but it’s at least three or four now. I’m not sure why that tale holds such a fascination with me.

I originally wrote this for Halloween, but I was busy with something else during that time so I never completed writing it.



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©2019 Joanne Fisher



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