New Beginning (flash fiction)


New Beginning


“What if this new government ends up being just as draconian as the last one?” Rebecca asked.

“Then we overthrow that one, and keep overthrowing them until we get one that serves the people, not itself.” her father replied.

Rebecca watched as her father worked on the shoe he was mending. His hands moved along the shoes surface trying to find the damage. Years ago he had been imprisoned by the government and blinded by it’s interrogators for inciting civil disobedience against them.

“Besides I know people in the new government, they won’t let us down.” he added.

“I hope so.”

Everyone was waiting.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 103 + prompt


This was written with the prompt draconian provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #132.


I trashed the previous post. It was about how Anne in the pirate stories I’ve written became the captain of her ship, but apparently it was “erotic pirate fiction” though it wasn’t intended to be. I may have a think about it and rewrite it one day. Besides no one was reading it…



This is my 400th post!



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