Key Lime Pie (flash fiction)




Key Lime Pie


“Whatcha doing?”

“Making a Key Lime Pie.”


“I thought I’d try to make something different.”

“That certainly is different. You never make dessert.”

“Well I do now.”

“I hope it tastes good.”

“Same here. I don’t think they sell key limes here, so I got regular ones.”

“What is a key lime anyway?”

“I really have no idea. I hope these limes will be okay.”

“Well limes are limes.”

“Never was a truer word spoken.”

“There can’t be much difference between a key lime and a regular lime surely?”

“That’s what I’m hoping. And don’t call me Shirley!”


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 99


This was written with the prompt of key lime pie provided by the Carrot Ranch December 5 Flash Fiction Challenge.



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Β©2019 Joanne Fisher



19 thoughts on “Key Lime Pie (flash fiction)

  1. Shirley, you are funny! Great use of dialog and humor.

    My understanding is that key limes are the sweetest of the lime varieties. But they are so small, you have to juice 36 of them to 6 regular-sized limes!

    Liked by 1 person

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