CCC#57: Milk It (flash fiction)


Milk It 


“Hi, I was just intrigued by your sign. What do you mean by proper milk?” I asked the man.

“It’s proper milk that comes from proper cows.” he replied.

“Proper cows?”

“Yes. Not from those things you see standing in the fields going “moo”. Those aren’t proper cows. That’s just what they want you to think!”


“The people in control. You know, the Government. The ones feeding you their mind-control milk. They’re just getting you to do what they want. The milk I sell is free from all that, and comes from proper cows. Not those fake ones you see!”

“I see! Good to know.” I said smiling at him and slowly backing away.

“You’ll be back for my proper milk, when you come to realise I have told you the Truth!” he called out after me.

I left, still wondering what sort of milk he was actually selling…


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 150


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #57.



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©2019 Joanne Fisher

11 thoughts on “CCC#57: Milk It (flash fiction)

  1. I like this. It sounds so much like the kind of response you might get from a Norfolk farmer (they being a jokey mick-taking lot as a rule). And I did look at the sign and wonder exactly that. What the jiggers is proper milk?

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    1. Having lived in a small town, farmers seemed to prefer milk straight out of a cow. I sort of wonder if “proper milk” is unpasteurized milk, though I’m not sure if they would actually be allowed to sell it, so maybe it isn’t…

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      1. I’m not sure of the law on that either. So I googled it
        The sale of raw drinking milk and cream is legal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It can only be sold directly to the consumer by: … direct online sales. vending machines at the farm.25 Sep 2018
        Raw drinking milk | Food Standards Agency › safety-hygiene › raw-drinking-milk
        So there we are, the answer.

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