In the Restaurant (flash fiction)


In the Restaurant


We met at the All You Can Eat Buffet.

“I’m so hungry.” he told me.

I sat there watching as he ate plate after plate after plate of piled-up food. He seemed unable to sate his hunger, like a black hole devouring light.

“This food is so good!”

When new customers came into the restaurant, they wondered where all the food was.

“He’s eating it all!” said the woman behind the counter, pointing at him.

After hours of continuous eating, he finally sat back in contentment and patted his full belly.

“Best ten bucks I’ve ever spent!” he said.


Joanne Fisher


This was written for the Carrot Ranch Rodeo #1: Modern Tall Tale.


I’m a bit sick at the moment, so it was nice to have the final Rodeo entry to post, as it saved some effort. I spent most of yesterday in bed and today I’m up, but not really feeling much better. Unfortunately when you’re single and you get sick, you still have to get up and make yourself meals and drinks…



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Β©2019 Joanne Fisher




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