Lewis Pass (poem)

Photograph of Lewis pass by Ron Laughlin

Lewis Pass



you & I

lying together in the darkness

individually wrapped

in our sleeping bags

the heavy rain


on the corrugated roof

of our tramping hut

today we stomped over

river flats & paddocks


in some parallel dimension

where the stars are lanterns

fixed in the sky by angels &

the sun orbits the earth

after swapping stories

of past lovers

we reached across the spaces

between our distant bodies

& held on to one another’s hands

in the darkness

through the night

the rain falling

you & I

strangers to each other’s


the rain exploding

above our heads

& slowly filling

the river beyond



Joanne Fisher



This is from when I went tramping along the St James Walkway with a friend just prior to Christmas one year. I found it disconcerting to be in the bush for five days and then reemerge into civilisation on Christmas Eve.


This was originally posted on my blog in January 2018.


It was first published in The Christchurch Press.



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©2019 Joanne Fisher


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