Reading Aloud (flash fiction)


Reading Aloud


“I always enjoy hearing you read, it’s always something good.” She said. I thanked her, but if anything, it made me feel more nervous.

Though I have been reading my own work for a while, I still get really nervous as I wait, but I always need that adrenaline boost since it makes me read better, otherwise it would be quite flat.

It was open mic night, I listened to the other poets read. Some of it wasn’t that great, but there was always a gem to be found among the detritus, and that could make it all worthwhile.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt open mic provided by the Carrot Ranch December 19 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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©2019 Joanne Fisher




7 thoughts on “Reading Aloud (flash fiction)

  1. I’d say it’s helpful to hear other folks read their works… or have others read them. To air so many, we’re better able to judge between them, to distinguish what’s good, what’s passable, what’s outstanding. We need exposure to the good, the bad, the… well, let’s let that one fade away 🙂

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