Gnome at Christmas (flash fiction)


Gnome at Christmas


My gnome helper came into my room to find me tapping away at my computer.

“Are you still at work Mistress Joanne?”

“Yes I wanted to write a Christmas story for my blog.”

“But it’s after midnight, and it’s Christmas Day already I do believe.”

“Yes it is now.” I replied.

“How is your story going?” the gnome asked.

“Not so well. At the moment I just seem to be writing a whole lot of dialogue, and not much else.”

“I’m sure it will be fine. Anyway what are you doing for Christmas?”

“Not much. I’m by myself this year.”

“Oh! And there are no decorations up!” the gnome pointed out.

“Yes I miss decorations and having a Christmas tree. It really hasn’t felt like Christmas so far.” The gnome looked at me sadly. “So I’m not really expecting too much this year.”

“Maybe in the morning everything will seem better.” the gnome advised.

“Maybe.” I answered, though I couldn’t see how it would.

Feeling tired and unable to stop yawning, I gave up on the story and closed my laptop. I had done some shopping today and ended up walking quite far with heavy groceries. It was time to finally get some sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I thought I heard voices from down below. I could also smell something roasting. Curious, I walked down the stairs to investigate. To my surprise the entire living room was festooned with Christmas decorations and a tall Christmas tree now stood there with blinking lights and colourfully wrapped presents lying under it. In the center of the room were a number of gnomes in a circle. When I walked in they all looked at me.

“Merry Christmas!” they exclaimed.

“Merry Christmas!’ I replied confused. My gnome helper walked up to me.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I invited my family round and we decided to decorate the place. As you’ve been unwell lately we hoped it might cheer you up.”

“That’s most welcome!” I replied looking around the room in wonder.

“I didn’t want you to be on your own today.” the gnome told me. “And we’ve prepared a nice Christmas meal for you too!”

“Thank you! It smells really good.”

So I ended up spending the day eating, drinking, and laughing with my new gnome friends. At the days end I knew it had been the best Christmas for a long time.


Joanne Fisher



Just thought it would be nice to write a cute Christmas story.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I truly hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.





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Β©2019 Joanne Fisher



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