Failure (flash fiction)

Normandy SR2 by Selena Goulding



“Engage the thrusters.” I ordered.

“Yes Captain.” the pilot replied.

Our spaceship sprang into life. By design, the ship was meant to withstand high speeds, but this was the first time they were being properly tested.

As our speed increased, the entire spaceship began to shake rather violently. I looked out the window to see bits of the ship starting to fly off.

“Our ship is breaking apart. Kill the thrusters!” I ordered. The pilot flicked the switch, but nothing happened.

“It’s no use! The controls won’t respond!”

I sighed. We were going to pay dearly for this failure.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt by design provided by the Carrot Ranch December 26 Flash Fiction Challenge.



I would like to wish everyone a fantabulous New Year. I hope 2020 is great year for you all ❤



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©2019 Joanne Fisher



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