Sword Fight (flash fiction)



Sword Fight


There were only two Cardinal’s Guards left now. Lorna looked around her. There was a Guard on either side wearing their unmistakable crimson tabards with a gold cross in the centre. Lorna smiled. She was wearing a black mask that concealed her face. They had no idea who they were fighting.

Without warning she attacked the figure on her right. He parried her blade, while the Guard on her left moved behind her. She unexpectedly swung the blade behind her, dragging it across the chest of her would-be attacker. He yelled out and dropped to the ground. She then attacked the man in front. He parried her attack and disarmed her with his main gauche. Jumping up to the chandelier, she swung on it, her legs connecting with his chest. He fell backwards over a stone table. She jumped to the ground, retrieved her blade, and ran out the door…


Joanne Fisher



This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #59.



Seat plea done! πŸ™‚



Β©2019 Joanne Fisher







10 thoughts on “Sword Fight (flash fiction)

      1. I have the same thing about archery. And it’s just so expensive.
        BTW, I’ve a feeling the *buckling* part of swashbuckling is derived from the small shield used in fencing, called the buckler.
        And you read K.J.Parker’s The Fencers Trilogy? Which title I may have slightly wrong.

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  1. That was wonderful – and though not anything Musketeer-like, kind of serendipitous as I watched Kill Bill last night with lots of sword fighting πŸ˜‰


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