Protest (flash fiction)





An angry crowd had gathered outside protesting the sweeping new laws passed by the Government.

“How can I create art if there’s no more human misery and suffering?” shouted the artist.

“Now I can afford to feed, clothe, and house all my kids without having to work three jobs. HOW DARE YOU!” screamed a woman.

“But I wanted all my money to be sucked up by the global billionaires!” another man complained.

“Now I can have decent healthcare. What made you think I wanted that?”

“The environment cleaned up? Who said we wanted a utopia?” a woman cried out.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 99


I have a liking for absurdist humour, you may have already noticed that…


This was written with the prompt protest provided by the Carrot Ranch Jan 16 Flash Fiction Challenge.



Donations gratefully accepted 🙂



©2020 Joanne Fisher




14 thoughts on “Protest (flash fiction)

  1. Humans, protest about so much banality, along with the real big issues that we should protest about. I sometimes wonder if it’s overdone, does it become white noise? Do we lose the power of the protest because of this? Another great response to the prompt well done.

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