Eurylochus Laments, The Return/4 (poem)

Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert James Draper


Eurylochus Laments



Curse the Gods

& all those who follow them

I am not a fatalist but I know

we are all doomed


he will escape though

he always escapes

it is us who pay for it


we have faced a monster with six heads

eating our crew-mates, a witch

who turned us into pigs,

women with beautiful voices

trying to lure us ashore,

a giant who dashed the heads

of the crew against a cavern wall

& ate them whole, & of course

Gods seeking vengeance for his

own transgressions & deceits


& each time

he survives


he may be my lord & king



when you gaze into the chaos

long enough

you get to see how things will

fall into place


he will make it home &

win back his lost kingdom


our wives, sons, & daughters

will grieve, wondering what

became of us


all will marvel at his survival;

the story of the lost sea-wanderer

emerging like Orpheus

out of the Land of the Dead

sparing no thought for us


we will be lost

amongst the waves,

scattered across these islands

& forgotten


he will return

& sacrifice us all for it



Joanne Fisher


Only four other sailors in The Odyssey are actually named. Eurylochus is the second in command and is the most bolshy of all of them, which is why I used him as the voice for the other sailors.


This is part Four of my Odyssey sequence The Return.

1. Penelope Waits

2. Telemachus Schemes

3. Calypso Sings


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©2020 Joanne Fisher



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