Athena Watches, The Return/5 (poem)

athena by jefea zero


Athena Watches


it was not meant to happen like this

he wasn’t meant to take so long

to get home


events can spiral

even out of our reach

when you play everyone

like puppets the strings

can get tangled


the human race is nothing but story

individual lives

threads of narrative

to be told in the dark night

by the roaring bonfire

under a black sky burning

with bright stars


we gods know this

& yet we also know

that we are part of this story too;

a story within a story


I contrived for everything

to turn out the way I wished

yet the path always branches

onto an infinite number of

other paths to take


he was imprisoned on that island

for so long I told her

she had to let him go


when he does return

he will be alone

there will be reunions &

reconciliations & bloodshed


I have done my best

to set things right


yet there are always other pathways



Joanne Fisher


This is part five of my Odyssey sequence The Return.

1. Penelope Waits

2. Telemachus Schemes

3. Calypso Sings

4. Eurylochus Laments



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©2020 Joanne Fisher

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