Falling in Love (poem)



Falling in Love



it’s those smiles she beams at you

when she serves flat-whites & toasted bagels

that makes you notice her


her face shimmers as if

under the layer of skin

there is a clear light

making her translucent


eventually you muster the courage

to ask her out fearful

her face might suddenly

succumb to frost


“I was wondering if you…”


& when she says “Yes!”

your heart detonates


the world opens up into light

as if you so willed it

you could just float away

& walk amongst pristine white clouds

the tides rising in your heart

you grin like the village idiot


you go out to the pictures

you walk home with her

the dark hides you both as you hold hands

& cars race furiously past


then on the porch

your arms wrap around each other

as the night sky enfolds the hills


you hope this will be

a happy ever after



Joanne Fisher



This is about as gooey as I get.

This poem was first published in Catalyst and first appeared on my blog in November 2017.


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©2020 Joanne Fisher

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