The Terror in the Suburbs, part one.

Fhtagn & Tentacles – Monster 910 by Marius Siergiejew

The Terror in the Suburbs




One  sunny afternoon Jennifer was happily walking along the footpath only to find a crowd of people suddenly run past her in abject terror. Mystified, she managed to stop one of them. They were pale and seemed terrified.

“What’s happened?” she asked him.

“This portal opened up and these creatures from another world appeared. They were huge with long tentacles and large legs like leathery tree stumps.” he exclaimed. Jennifer let him go, and he ran off in terror following the others.

“Right.” she said. Someone had to do something about this, she thought. She strode off home. She went into her bedroom closet and fished out her old battered cricket bat. “I’m going to hit those freaks for six!” She stomped out of the house.

Jennifer walked down the road until she could see a glimmering portal that pulsed with a bright light. Before it were either two or three creatures that were as tall as small office blocks. They had dark leathery skin, massive tree stump legs (as already mentioned), long protruding arms, and their heads were a mass of long writhing tentacles. Jennifer watched them, and instead of feeling scared, she felt angry. She walked towards them until she was sure she had gained their attention.

“Look I don’t know where you freaks are from, but I’m not letting monsters like you take over our world. We’re already have enough monsters here to deal with.” she told them while thinking of the current assortment of world leaders. “So be warned. I have my cricket bat!” She held her cricket bat aloft in front of them. The monsters stopped in their tracks, as if unsure with what they were dealing with.

Ge dthrth dltyz fkywfhg sdhtu!” the one closest to Jennifer said. As it spoke, from what Jennifer assumed was it’s mouth, the ground shook around them.

“Nope. Didn’t catch a word of that! Go back through your portal now, or I will take drastic steps!” she warned them. The ground shook around her again, as they all seemed to be laughing at her now. “Well I did warn you!” She gripped the handle of her bat with both hands and began running at them. As she ran the cricket bat began to glow…




I nominate H.R.R. Gorman of Let Me Tell You the Story of… to either continue or finish this story. If they continue it, they then have to nominate someone else to either finish or continue it.

Copy and paste what’s already been written, and then add to it. Once the story is completed, readers should be able to see the full story and all those who contributed to it.


6 thoughts on “The Terror in the Suburbs, part one.

  1. “Ge dthrth dltyz fkywfhg sdhtu!”

    As my English teacher once said to me, many moons ago, in response to a made-up word I’d included in a short story I’d written as part of an assignment — I still remember it, it was “Drarfnigam!” — he said, “That’s disgusting.”

    … and one thing’s for sure: it ain’t no Klingon P

    Now… where’s part two?

    Liked by 1 person

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