Anniversary (Terrible Poetry Competition)






I want you to really know right now

This day I’m going to make you go wow

Surprise! It is our anniversary today

We’ve been together for one whole day!


I treasure every moment I’m with you

And I really hope you feel the same way too

I just love following you around

Even when you seem to go to ground


I just can’t wait when we dine tonight

With your skin looking lovely and white

I love it so much I’d wear it myself

Or possibly leave it dangling from a shelf


Anyways, this night I have a big surprise in store

It will probably make you drop your jaw!

I’m going to ask you to marry me

Because I think we are truly meant to be


So please say yes because I don’t know what I’d do

Without you, say no you’ll really end up in the poo



Joanne Fisher



This was written for Chelsea Owens’s Terrible Poetry Competition #60. This weeks theme was Anniversary. No further comment to make….



Please donate! 🙂





©2020 Joanne Fisher

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