CCC#69: The Mistake (poem)



The Mistake



The two gnomes did silently creep one night

into the Witch’s grounds, the moon so bright

they planned to raid her garden for food

which would put the Witch in a foul mood


“Surely the Witch is here and will see us!”

one said to the other scared of a fuss.

“No, she left on her broom some days ago

and hasn’t returned, so she can’t say no.”


Unknown to them both, the Witch had returned

on her broom earlier that day feeling spurned

She was in a mood, and spied the two gnomes

creeping to her garden, she browsed her tomes


She pulled out her dark wand once they were near

as they approached her crops, she flicked the air

Instantly they were turned into clay figurines

“Serves them right for trying to take my aubergines”


So there the two are in her garden still

a warning not to take against her will

slowly their colours fade and motionless they still stand

if they had asked, she might have given a helping hand.



Joanne Fisher



Word count: 174


I’m 24 words over the limit. I’m sorry about that.


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #69.


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Β©2020 Joanne Fisher






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