The High Queen’s Decision (fiction)



The High Queen’s Decision



The High Queen sat imperiously on her golden throne glowering at the odd collection of people before her. She wished she was upstairs in her bedchambers having oil gently rubbed on her by the warm hands of her lover, but instead she was down here, trying to sort his mess out.

There had been a complaint from some of her subjects, so she had sent out royal summons to the south and now everyone was finally gathered here. Before her stood the Swamp Queen in her dark green cloak etched with silver. She had long black hair and pointed ears, and green eyes. On the other side stood the dark wizard, known locally as the Necromancer. He had white hair and a long white beard, and was dressed in long black robes. His face showed his arrogance, as it usually did. He always thought that everyone and everything were beneath him. To her right stood a small group of humans looking overwhelmed to be in the High Queen’s Court. They represented the beleaguered townsfolk who lived in the Swamp Queen’s realm and were often beset by either the Queen’s swamp elves, or zombies, or even sometimes zombie swamp elves.

While the Swamp Queen ruled her own kingdom, she had also sworn fealty to the High Queen, who ruled over a collection of different kingdoms, which meant if ever a problem arose the High Queen was usually, unwillingly, dragged into it to arbitrate. Such was this occasion, where it had ended up, again, in her own court.

“So why have you summoned me here, my Queen?” the Swamp Queen asked deferentially.

“The unfortunate humans who live in your realm have requested my intervention. While you rule your own swamp elf subjects, you seem to forget that these humans who scratch a living in the swamps also live within the boundaries of your realm making then your subjects too, and thus requiring the same protections from you your beloved elves enjoy. And yet they feel they are not getting any protection or help from you. Which is why they have come to me.”

“I am aware these humans are my subjects, but I figured they seem to excel at looking after themselves.” the Swamp Queen answered weakly.

“Well they’ve had to look after themselves since you’ve given them nothing.” the High Queen shot back. The Necromancer laughed. The High Queen then turned to face him. “I wouldn’t find it so funny, since you’ve been summoned here as well. You could make these people’s lives less miserable if you could control your zombies and your other experiments better.”

“Well my zombies do need to feed…” the Necromancer offered. The High Queen shot him a dark look. He bowed his head.

“Find them a food source that aren’t the local villagers. Sort it out, or maybe, stop making zombies.” She commanded.

“I’ll see what I can do my Queen.” the Necromancer answered. The High Queen rolled her eyes.

“Just remember these humans are now under my protection. If their safety is at stake again then I will come down to the swamps myself and sort it out there. And believe me, that’s the last thing you want me to do!” the High Queen’s eyes glowed red.

“Yes my Queen.” the Swamp Queen answered. All the blood had run out of her face and she looked genuinely frightened. Even the Necromancer shifted uneasily and looked concerned.

She continued glowering at the two in front of her wishing they would finally leave her in peace so she could return to her fire mage lover and her wonderfully hot hands.


Joanne Fisher



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