Hoarding (Terrible Poetry Contest)






I thought this world crisis was a bit of a caper

and soon the long lines for goods would taper

but when I still go the store

there’s always so many more

all I’ve got left to eat is my stack of loo paper




Due to the virus Bill hoarded beans

as stacks of them were within his means

but after eating so many cans

his butt alone could power vans

and he had to frequently wash his jeans



Joanne Fisher


These “gems” were written for Chelsea Owens’s Terrible Poetry Competition. This weeks prompt was writing a limerick about stockpiling against a worldwide disaster.


Seriously I hope everyone is doing okay at the moment. I’ve not really mentioned the current state of affairs as I feel I’m being bombarded with more than enough information about the Coronavirus and its spread. My country is forcing visitors to two weeks of isolation. So far we’ve only had eight cases and no deaths thankfully. Think of my blog as a place to go for an interesting diversion from all the current issues besetting our world right now…



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©2020 Joanne Fisher




14 thoughts on “Hoarding (Terrible Poetry Contest)

  1. Clever as always. 🙂 Funny also.

    I never got back to the Star Wars post but life has been crazy here. Besides, I think we both have the maturity to be able to disagree some and still respect each other. 🙂

    Keep up the awesome writing. Your stories help get me through all the chaos here. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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