Rabbit on the Roof (flash fiction)


Rabbit on the Roof


Jess came back to the homestead to find Cindy was climbing to the roof.

“Hey honey, whatcha doing?” She asked.

“There’s a bunny up here.” Cindy replied.

“On the roof?” Jess clarified.


“How did it get up there?”

“No idea.” Cindy shrugged her shoulders.

After a short moment Cindy came back down the ladder cradling a rabbit in her arms.

“What is it with you?” Jess asked. “Since we got married you’ve become a lost animal magnet. We have a dog and a cat, and I guess we’ve got a pet bunny too now?”

Cindy smiled at her.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt about a rabbit on a roof provided by the Carrot Ranch March 19 Flash Fiction Challenge.



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Β©2020 Joanne Fisher

15 thoughts on “Rabbit on the Roof (flash fiction)

  1. Haha – collecting lost animals is my spouse’s DnD character’s “thing.” Halfling Warlock Paela now has in her collection a giant spider baby, a fairy named Barack Omalta, a dire wolf named Felix, a bunch of escaped prisoners who have been brainwashed to oblivion by a rival cult, and probably would have had an elephant if the DM would have let that happen. I feel a sort of camaraderie with Cindy.

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