The Tour (flash fiction)



The Tour


“And here you can see an example of human art. As you no doubt observe human art was rather primitive compared to our own.” The Tour Guide had led us to a small building on a beach with images painted on it. “While our art has layers of complexity, theirs didn’t. Rather sad really. On either side are examples of humans painting themselves. What the symbols in the centre mean we’re still not sure, if they mean anything at all. Sadly few human buildings remain, but this one was preserved. Humans seemed to like painting the outsides of their buildings with images of themselves, or so we think.”

“What was this building used for?” Asked one of our group.

“We think they lived in it.” The Guide responded.

Many of us then excitedly picked up our cameras in our pincers and took pictures. Our tour of Earth was so fascinating.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 150


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #71.



Thanks to Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch for the donation ❤



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©2020 Joanne Fisher

5 thoughts on “The Tour (flash fiction)

      1. Ah, a favourite musing of mine. What, I ask myself, will archaeologist of the future make of some of the rubbish we dump into the landfills. “No observable purpose; must be a cult object.” 🙂

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