Saving Reality (flash fiction)


Saving Reality


The Doctor emerged from the TARDIS with Sarah-Jane following closely. He adjusted his long scarf.

“Where are we Doctor?” Sarah-Jane asked.

“The planet Skramnaw.”

“It looks a lot like Earth.” Sarah-Jane remarked.

“Yes it does.” The Doctor agreed.

‘What are we doing here?”

“I followed The Master here. I’m worried he wants to Pull the Plug.” The Doctor answered mysteriously.

“Pull the Plug?”

“You see that giant plug? Legend has it that if the plug is removed then what’s down there will swallow the Universe.” The Doctor revealed.

“Why would he want to do that?” Sarah-Jane asked surprised.

“He’s probably just curious.”

“Curious?” The Doctor turned to her smiling.

“Well it’s never been removed before, so no one really knows if it’s true.”

The Doctor scanned the crowd and saw The Master was buying an ice cream. The Doctor reflected that Skramnaw was also well-known for it’s ice cream.


Joanne Fisher


Word Count: 149


I’m watching way too much Doctor Who at the moment, it’s begun invading my fiction. This time it’s the Fourth Doctor.


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #72.



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Β©2020 Joanne Fisher



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