Taking Charge (flash fiction)



Taking Charge


The explosion tore through the starship. Trisha struggled through the wreckage to access the bridge. Once there, she found most of the crew were either dead or injured. Pushing the Captain away, she checked the starship’s diagnostics and managed to reroute all remaining power to the shields, life support and whatever drive systems still worked so all the crew still left could survive. Thankfully she found the controls were still responsive. She piloted the ship away heading for neutral space.  The enemy starships held their fire allowing the crippled starship to limp off. Trisha breathed a sigh of relief.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt about a character who takes charge provided by the Carrot Ranch March 26 Flash Fiction Challenge.



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©2020 Joanne Fisher


19 thoughts on “Taking Charge (flash fiction)

  1. “I feel sorry for Trisha,” I said.
    “Why?” you enquired.
    “Well, because she was brought into being to save the day, only to be dismissed into limbo, that’s why,” I explained.

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      1. The problem is if the Captain is still alive and she brushes them aside and takes control of the ship, then that would be considered mutiny. She would have an interesting reception when she got home. Still, that does give me an idea for a story…

        The only reason the Captain was mentioned was that Trisha had to move their body aside so she could access the computer to run a diagnostic. Maybe I should rewrite the story to make it more clear. I assumed people would read between the lines. Originally it was she moved the dead body of the Captain, but I had to do some cutting so it would make the word limit. I might have to take another look at it.


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