My Turn (flash fiction)

Shivan Dragon by Melissa A. Benson


My Turn


“My dragon attacks you for five points of damage.” I say tapping the card before me. I then tap all my mountains for red mana. “The dragon also breathes on you for a further eight points of fire damage.” Just after I say this, my opponent is suddenly engulfed in flames. Eventually it subsides and he sits there smouldering covered in burns.

“My turn!” he announces grinning deviously.  I look down at the horde of zombies he has acquired. All of them looking hungry. This was going to hurt.

This new reality version of the game had no winners….


Joanne Fisher


Just thought I would let my geek flag fly… When the Carrot Ranch prompt was tapping I immediately thought of Magic The Gathering. In the end I also wrote another piece that used the prompt and opted to post that one instead because I thought it was better and I wasn’t sure people would get this one. Having reread it, I thought why not finally publish it?


The current news here in New Zealand: today is day six of the lockdown. So far there are 647 people here who have Covid-19 and one death.


This was written with the prompt tapping provided by the Carrot Ranch March 12 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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©2020 Joanne Fisher





9 thoughts on “My Turn (flash fiction)

  1. Reminds me of that D&D joke:

    “You may have killed my brother, Dragon, but I have brought my axe to thwart you!” yelled the fighter.

    “And I, my sword!” swore the paladin.

    “And I, my bow!” shouted the hunter.

    “And I, his brother!” said the necromancer.

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