Cold Pizza for Breakfast (flash fiction)




Cold Pizza for Breakfast


“Morning!” Astrid said kissing me on the cheek, and then the lips.

There was an hour before work. I got up and wandered into the kitchen. I hadn’t eaten much and was feeling ravenous. Fortunately my fridge was full of pizza. I grabbed a large wedge and began stuffing it into my mouth. Astrid followed me into the kitchen. She was frowning.

“You’re having cold pizza for breakfast Melissa?” She asked surprised. I shrugged my shoulders and kept eating.

“I don’t care.” I answered with a full mouth. “I’m hungry and I love cold pizza.”

“Obviously.” She replied unimpressed.


Joanne Fisher


This is an excerpt from my novel My Life in Darkness. Having pizza as a prompt made me think of this. Honestly, like Melissa, I love cold pizza directly out of the fridge.


This weeks prompt was pizza provided by the Carrot Ranch April 2 Flash Fiction Challenge.


Thanks for the very generous donation Charli Mills ā¤ļø



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Ā©2020 Joanne Fisher



19 thoughts on “Cold Pizza for Breakfast (flash fiction)

  1. You’re not alone in your love of cold pizza. Back in the day (before keto and the rejection of heavy carbs) there was nothing I liked more than cold pizza for breakfast,,, if I had managed to keep my hands off it the night before!

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