At the Supermarket (flash fiction)

Image: Shopping cart.

At the Supermarket


Jess and Cindy drove down to the supermarket in Lawrence. Lucky sat in the back seat with his head permanently out the window and his tongue hanging out.

While shopping they saw Lynn, a former classmate of theirs. She took one look at them together and suddenly shielded her face from them and began walking down another aisle.

“Maybe we’re just too damn awesome to look at.” pondered Cindy as they loaded their shopping into the back of the station wagon. Jess smiled.

“No, she’s totally jealous of us.” she suggested. They knew the real reason, but laughed anyway.


Joanne Fisher



This was written with the prompt to write a story that declares shield your face provided by the Carrot Ranch April 9 Flash Fiction Challenge.



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Β©2020 Joanne Fisher

6 thoughts on “At the Supermarket (flash fiction)

  1. Last time I was out — which feels like eons ago — I noticed how awkward we had become as if eye-contact was part of social distancing. I love the humor your characters use to soften the situation the find themselves in. Hey — Lucky got to go for a drive!

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