Time to Rise? (flash fiction)

Sleeping Cthulhu by nedesem

Time to Rise?


Dagon swum through the sunken city of R’lyeh. He swum past various temples and buildings shaped by the city’s weird eldritch geometry. Eventually he came to the large sleeping form of Cthulhu. Dagon watched Cthulhu’s tentacles rising and falling in time with his loud snoring that made the entire ground shake around them. With much reverence, he gently tapped Cthulhu on the shoulder. Nothing happened, Cthulhu went on snoring. This time he tapped with greater force. The snoring suddenly stopped, and Cthulhu sleepily opened one of his eyelids.

“Why do you wake me?” he asked in a sleepy tone. Though sleepy, his words were still forceful enough to shake the nearby buildings as though a small earthquake was hitting them.

“My Lord Cthulhu, the stars are almost right! It is time to wake and for R’lyeh to rise above the waters, so you can take control of this world again!” Dagon informed him. Cthulhu just lazily closed his eyes again.

“Can’t I just have five more millennia?” Cthulhu asked yawning. He rolled over and fell asleep again.

“My Lord?” asked Dagon, unsure of what to do now…


Joanne Fisher


Obviously I went for the more cuter pictures of Cthulhu…


Chibi Cthulhu Fhtagn by Håken Ackegård





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©2020 Joanne Fisher



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