Dumb Vampires, prologue (fiction)


Dumb Vampires




Tom drove down the deserted highway. It was already dark and rain had started to fall. As he drove he sang along to the songs playing on the radio. It was the local Country station and he knew all their songs by heart. There was suddenly a strange bump and he immediately hit the brakes. He knew he had hit something. He opened the door and rushed to the front of his pickup truck and saw, to his horror, a young blonde woman lying beside the road.

“Oh my God! What have I done?” he screamed out. He kneeled before the woman to check she was still alive, when unexpectedly, she suddenly sat up and bit down on his neck. He screamed in terror. Within moments he was lying dead on the ground and the blonde woman had blood running down from her mouth. Even her top was now stained with his blood. Another figure approached behind her.

“Do you really think that was a good idea? We have hunters after us and you stop to have a snack? The hunters will probably find him and know which way we went now.” The woman said reproachfully. The blonde woman stood up and faced her.

“But you said being a vampire would be fun!” She complained. She walked off into the dark in a huff. The other woman still stood there and buried her face in her hands.

“Why did I ever turn her?” she asked herself. She sighed, and then started following her companion.


to be continued….


Joanne Fisher


Thought I would have a go at a comedy-horror, of sorts. I hope you enjoy it.



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©2020 Joanne Fisher

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