Chasing the Rabbit (flash fiction)


Chasing the Rabbit


Mr Bunny had escaped out of his hutch. Cindy saw him running away and gave chase. He got to the tree with the hole in it and hopped down it. Cindy ran up to the tree and looked down, but couldn’t see him. She leaned too far and found herself falling down it headfirst. She landed in a bush and knew unmistakably she was in Faerie again.

“I think I found another portal.” She mumbled as she looked around. Only a few feet away Babradon was looking quizzically at her.

“You arrived here rather dramatically. You fell out of the sky into that bush.” He informed her.

“I was chasing after my rabbit.” Cindy explained.

“Chasing the white rabbit huh?”

“Well more of a grey one. He’s called Mr Bunny. Have you seen him?” Cindy asked.


“Well he’s got to be somewhere.” Cindy said looking around and wandering off.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 150


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #76.



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Ā©2020 Joanne Fisher


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