Visiting Jess’s Friends (flash fiction)




Visiting Jess’s Friends


Jess and Cindy were invited to Hank and Fiona’s. Hank was an old friend of Jess’s. When they arrived, they saw their homestead was new. Cindy was surprised by how large it was.

After dinner, Cindy decided to look around to give Jess time to catch up with Hank. Fiona accompanied her. They came to a field with a bull with large horns and long fur.

“What sort of a bull is that?” Cindy asked.

“That’s our Highland cattle.” Fiona replied.

“What’s it doing over here?”

“We grow more specialised beef. We do well out of it. It’s better than growing corn.”

“We do alright.” Cindy replied, smiling at the mention of corn.

“You could do better, and get rid of that mouldy old farmstead of yours. Imagine having one like ours.”

“We’re doing alright.” Cindy repeated. That “mouldy old farmstead” used to belong to her grandparents. She walked off.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 150


I had to chop out over 100 words in the end. I hope it still makes sense.


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #78.


I did have to check what sort of cattle it was, as I suspected it was Highland cattle, just like the one a friend gave me after he came back from his trip to Scotland. I called him McMoo.




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Β©2020 Joanne Fisher



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