Returning Home (flash fiction)

Obsidian Throne by dasAoD

Returning Home


She had been imprisoned so long it was as if they had forgotten all about her. One day the place was empty and she just walked out. Her eyes burned in the daylight. So weak, so tired, so hungry, she virtually crawled through the wasteland in the direction of home, hoping after all this time it was still there.

Her hopes rose when she saw the familiar tower in the distance. When finally she got there it was barely standing, but her throne room was still intact. She sat down on her obsidian throne and smiled. She would regain her lost power and rule the lands once more, and this time they wouldn’t overthrow her.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 114 + prompt


This was written with the prompt home provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #156.




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Ā©2020 Joanne Fisher

10 thoughts on “Returning Home (flash fiction)

      1. Well, either that or it’s on my mind, and so I saw it where it wasn’t intended. I too have been trying to avoid it. But I woke up this morning from a very interesting dream… with the thought that we were definitely breaking social distancing. Oops.

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