Finding The Baron (flash fiction)




Finding The Baron


Now that Aalen and Ashalla were in The Baron’s Keep they moved quickly up the stairwell as quietly as they could, managing to surprise any sentries they found along the way.

“The Baron will be on one of the top floors.” Aalen said. She decided to take the very top floor, while Ashalla searched the floor below.

Aalen came to a large set of ornate wooden doors. She quietly opened them and saw a man seated at a long wooden table eating his dinner. He was richly dressed and had a thin beard with flecks of grey. Unexpectedly, he looked up at her.

“Ah! Aalen Liadon, I have been expecting you! Let me introduce myself, I am The Baron.” He said smiling at her. All the doors behind Aalen suddenly burst open and she quickly found herself surrounded by soldiers. “Perhaps you will join me for dinner?”


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 147


This is a story thread I never got round to finishing. I think there will be two parts left.


Previous episode: The Keep


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