The Baron (flash fiction)


The Baron


“Come a little closer Aalen.” The Baron said. The guards moved her into the room. Aalen tried to furtively get one of her hands free, hoping the guards wouldn’t notice. Another group of soldiers appeared bringing Ashalla with them. “And now we have Ashalla too.”

“So I guess you’re planning to execute us then?” Ashalla asked belligerently. The Baron laughed.

“You’re both far too valuable to kill. The two of you wiped out the army I sent. You both have a range of skills that are useful to me. I knew you had entered the city and I guessed you were going to come for me at some point, but instead of killing me, have you considered working for me instead?” The Baron asked as he sat at the table still eating his meal. Aalen”s mouth dropped.

“Work for you? You killed my people. You destroyed my home. How could you think I would ever work for you?” She asked. The Baron just shrugged.

“In my experience, everyone has their price. What would yours be Aalen? I’m a rich man and can provide anything you may want.”

“I want my people back.” Aalen replied.

“That I can’t do. What about you Ashalla? What do you want?”

“Your soldiers killed my father and my brothers. All I want is for you to be dead.” Ashalla responded. The Baron looked disappointed.

“Such a shame. My death will not bring them back.” He stated.

“But it will stop you killing others!” She replied defiantly.

“Okay. Obviously you are both still very angry. I think some time in my dungeons might cool you off. Maybe then, you will have a change of heart and be more reasonable.” He motioned with his hands for them to be taken away. Just as he did, Aalen managed to get one of her hands free. She pulled out a concealed knife, and before anyone could stop her, she threw it The Baron. The knife embedded itself in his throat. He gave a surprised look and then his face fell forward onto his dinner plate.


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 346


Previous episode: Finding The Baron


Okay this episode was a bit longer than I intended…. Eventually I will put all the Aalen stories into sequential order and create an index page for them.



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Ā©2020 Joanne Fisher




11 thoughts on “The Baron (flash fiction)

    1. Thanks. All I can really say is keep writing and reading. Be prepared to experiment with your prose. My own writing got better from getting involved with flash fiction writing prompts. It’s sharpened up my prose style by teaching me how to write a story on a variety of subjects with a minimum number of words.

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