100 Candles (flash fiction)


100 Candles


Serena came through the front door. The hallway was full of lit candles and there was a trail of rose petals on the floor that led to the bedroom. On the bed was the largest box of chocolates she had ever seen. The card read:

My dearest love, 100 candles for the 100 days we’ve been together. May there be many more ❤️

As a romantic gesture it was grand, Serena thought, though a little strange. She opened the box and sampled a few. Then she opened up her bag and grabbed what valuables she could find. She left by a window.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 99


This was written with the prompt 100 candles provided by the Carrot Ranch May 21 Flash Fiction Challenge.



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©2020 Joanne Fisher


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