Escaping the Keep (flash fiction)


Escaping the Keep


In the confusion following The Baron’s sudden death, Aalen managed to free herself from the soldiers who had captured her. She swiftly recovered her bow, and stepped back a few paces while quickly nocking arrows and shooting the soldiers before her at point blank range. With soldiers starting to fall, Ashalla freed herself and drew her broadsword. They both managed to clear a path through their opposition and ran down down the hall with the remaining soldiers chasing them.

“Hopefully most of the guards were up here waiting to capture us,” Aalen stated as they quickly went down the winding stair.

Running back down they only met minimal resistance, but knew the remaining soldiers from above were still giving chase to them. When they deemed they were far enough below, they went out a window and, with series of jumps, managed to get free of the keep. As they ran away they suddenly heard a voice behind them.

“Stop or I will shoot one of you!” They both turned to see a soldier in a red cloak with a crossbow in his hand aimed directly at Aalen. Aalen briefly stopped, but saw a dark shadow racing towards them out of the corner of her eye. Vilja leapt up and began to bite down on the soldiers arm.  The soldier screamed and dropped the crossbow. Aalen and Ashalla continued running towards the city wall, with Vilja following.

Once they were over the wall they found some cover and hid there a while. Aalen gave her wolf a long hug. When the sun began to rise, they walked away from the city as stealthily as possible. They walked for a few days, and after not seeing any more patrols of soldiers, they began to feel safer.

“So with The Baron dead, what do you plan to do now?” Ashalla asked. Aalen surveyed the land around them.

“I guess I should go back to my village. The border guards will still be alive. I hope our village can begin again,” Aalen answered.

‘I think I want to explore the rest of the world,” Ashalla commented. Aalen looked at the mountains in the distance. She always wondered what lay beyond them and found herself yearning to explore the world herself, a world she barely knew.

“I’m sure my village can wait. Maybe I can tag along with you for a while? You’ll probably need my help anyway.” Aalen found herself saying. Ashalla smiled and took Aalen in her arms.

“I would like that,” Ashalla replied as they embraced.

The three of them set off in the direction of the mountains.


The End (for now)


Previous episode: The Baron


That’s it for Aalen’s Saga. Maybe I’ll return to her world sometime in the future. If you want to read the entire story, you can now access it from my homepage:



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