Dumb Vampires 2 (fiction)



Dumb Vampires




“So you’re helping yourself to my blood then?” Freya asked seriously as she moved towards Sarah slowly but purposefully.

“Blood?” Sarah got out just as she started throwing up onto the floor. “What sort of crazy bitch drinks blood?” She looked up as Freya advanced on her.

“A crazy bitch who is a vampire.” Freya replied.

“Vampire? You expect me to believe you’re a vampire?” Freya smiled at her words. Suddenly her eyes turned blood red and fangs grew in her mouth. Both her hands gripped onto to Sarah’s shoulders. The hands were ice cold.

“Do you believe me now bitch?” Freya said as her inhuman face came close to hers. Sarah tried to scream, but was too frozen in sudden fear to make a sound. “What shall I do with you?”

“Please don’t hurt me.” Sarah said in a small voice. Freya laughed out loud.

Please don’t hurt me!” Freya mimicked. “You would make a good early evening snack. All that nice warm blood that I hear gurgling in your veins with your heart beating so fast.”

“I’ll do anything you want.” Sarah heard herself say. Freya laughed out loud again.

“Well I could do with a friend, and you might provide some entertainment. I could always turn you.”

“You want me to sleep with you?” Sarah asked puzzled. Freya turned away and shook her head.

“I meant turn you into a vampire.” Freya clarified.

“Okay. Why would I want that?”

“Think about it: you will never look any older, you will never gain weight, and you will never die. You could party on forever, if you wanted. It will be fun.” Freya told her. Sarah thought about it. She couldn’t actually see any problem with what Freya had said. And it could be really cool: she imagined surprising her friends with her new fangs. That would be so funny!

“That does sound good. What do I have to do?” Sarah asked. Freya bit her right wrist. Blood began to drip out onto the floor.

“All you have to do is drink my blood.” Freya offered her arm to Sarah. Sarah screwed up her face.

“Ew! Do I have to?”

“Yes. If you want to live forever, you have to drink my blood.” Freya insisted. Sarah reluctantly took hold of Freya’s arm and began to drink. Once Freya withdrew her arm, Sarah covered her mouth trying to keep the blood from coming back up. “There we go. That wasn’t so hard huh?” Sarah shook her head with a look of distaste on her mouth.

“That was really awful. So what happens now?” Sarah asked after a long wait. Freya walked up to her and took Sarah’s head into her hands. Without warning she abruptly snapped Sarah’s neck and she fell lifeless to the floor.

“Now you die.” Freya said standing over Sarah’s lifeless body. “That worked out well. So gullible…”

Freya moved the body upstairs and lay her on a bed. With Sarah turned, Freya would now gain access to all of Sarah’s many friends. That would keep her well fed for some time…


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


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