The Next Morning (flash fiction)


The Next Morning


“Brian Kent?”

“Yes Officer?”

“Last night you were observed going on a killing spree leaving around 80 dead, judging by the number of corpses left. How do you plead?”

“They were zombies!”

“So you admit it?”

“Of course I do! They were zombies trying to eat me.”

“Zombies have a right to live too. This isn’t the 1980s. You just can’t go on a killing spree and expect there’ll be no repercussions. How did you know they were wanting to eat you?”

“I just knew.”

“You mean you assumed. Think about the effects your actions have had. Sandra, cuff him!”


Joanne Fisher


This is just a humourous response to this weeks prompt. I was thinking about the day after the events of some zombie movie…


This was written with the prompt justice for all provided by the Carrot Ranch June 4 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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Β©2020 Joanne Fisher




7 thoughts on “The Next Morning (flash fiction)

  1. Funny. πŸ˜€

    Sad: I’ve seen flame wars on Twitter over “racial stereotyping” Orcs and goblins, LOL. Enough said there.

    If you want more inspiration for funny zombie stuff, check out the first couple of movies of the “Return of the Living Dead” franchise. They’re a parody of 1980s and earlier zombie movies. I swear they feel like they were made for Mystery Science Theater 3000 also.

    Example and minor spoiler: The second movie starts out with the remains of the zombie from #1 being cremated. The smoke gets into the rain clouds, comes back down with the rain and the entire graveyard starts to dig itself up, all while the 80s rock song “Do you wanna party” is playing, LOL.

    The last couple of films in the franchise were BAD. They started taking themselves a little too seriously.

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