Dumb Vampires 3 (fiction)


Dumb Vampires




Sarah awoke with a start. She was lying on her bed, and though she instinctively knew it was nighttime, she was surprised by how well she could see in the dark. In fact, all her senses seemed more sharper now. She could hear some soft footsteps coming up the stairs and approaching her room, and they were carrying something that smelt amazing and awoke a deep hunger that she had never felt before. Freya came into the room carrying a large cup.

“So you’ve finally awoken,” Freya stated.

“Yes, and I feel so amazing!” Sarah replied. ” But I’m so hungry! I’ve never felt this hungry before. It’s like I haven’t eaten anything for ages!” Freya smiled at those words and brought the cup over to her. It was full of blood that had been warmed to body temperature. Freya handed it to her.

“Drink,” Freya commanded. Instantly Sarah drained the cup. The blood tasted rich and helped stem the growing hunger in her.

“Is there any more?” Sarah asked.

“I’m afraid not. That’s all I have left,” Freya answered.

“So what do we do?”

“You must know a lot of people. How about getting in touch with one of them? I’m sure they’ll taste nice,” Freya replied sitting on the bed beside her.  Sarah opened her mouth in surprise, but then started thinking.

“Well I could call Helena. We used to be besties, but lately she’s been talking behind my back. She’s so dead to me!”

“She sounds like a bitch! Do it!” agreed Freya

“We could arrange to meet her somewhere,” Sarah suggested.

“How about we order in? Get her to come over here,” Sarah nodded at Freya”s words.

“Okay that sounds good. Hang on,” Sarah replied as she grabbed her phone. She pressed the screen a few times and then waited. When Helena answered, Sarah spoke to her with Freya’s prompting: “Hey Helena! How’s things? We haven’t talked for ages. Do you wanna come over? We could always go out somewhere a bit later?”

Freya sat on the bed and waited with a cold smile on her face. She guessed after the first one it would get easier, once Sarah discovered how tasty all her friends were…

A short time later the doorbell rang.

“Food’s here!” Freya called out. Sarah answered the door.

“Hey girlfriend!” Helena exclaimed as she rushed in and gave Sarah a hug. “How’s my bestie? I haven’t see you in ages!” They both hugged. ” Oh my god, you’re hella cold!”

“It’s poor circulation,” Freya chipped in. She observed Helena seemed a virtual copy of Sarah: thin, blond, dressed in tight jeans, low top, and totally clueless… Helena looked over at Freya.

“Who’s this?” she asked Sarah.

“This is Freya. She’s staying with me at the moment,” Sarah informed her. Freya walked up to Helena extending a hand.

“Hi there!” Freya said to Helena. Unexpectedly, Helena gave her a hug too.

“Any friend of Sarah’s is a friend of mine. You’re cold too! Is there something wrong with the air con here? Maybe you have it too low?” she asked mystified. Freya got out of her embrace.

“Look into my eyes Helena,” she stated. Helena did as she was commanded and went absolutely still. “Come with me,” Freya led her upstairs to Sarah’s bedroom with Sarah following her.

“Hey maybe you could turn her too?” Sarah suggested. Freya looked seriously at her.

“Do you really want your friends drinking up all the blood before you get any? There’s a reason why we keep our numbers small,” Freya informed her. Sarah nodded.

“I guess you’re right. So what do we do now?” Freya smiled at her.

“Now we feed,” Her fangs came out and she bit into Helena’s neck. She started feeding, then stopped. “Come join me,” she said. Sarah approached Freya as her own fangs started to grow, and bit into the other side of Helena’s neck. As she fed, she could feel the hunger that had been there since she had awoken finally being sated.

“I didn’t realise Helena tasted so good,” Sarah said.

“Just imagine, all your friends taste like this. How about we get them coming over here each night, one by one?” Freya suggested.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Sarah replied biting into Helena again.


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


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The next few parts might get a bit dark, but bear with me….


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8 thoughts on “Dumb Vampires 3 (fiction)

  1. Helena seemed a virtual copy of Sarah: thin, blond, dressed in tight jeans, low top, and totally clueless…

    I spotted the duplication, clearly inserted to see if anyone was paying attention. Do I get a prize?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I drank a glass of blood in front of my father, once. I was told never to do that again…

    Which is odd because, before I even got teeth, he’d hold a rare steak from me to gum the blood out of so it was kind of his fault…

    Liked by 2 people

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