Deep Waters (flash fiction)



Deep Waters


“It’s surprising we never became lovers. You know I’ve always had feelings for you Emma?” Michelle asked me in the cafe.

“Yeah I guessed. I have feelings for you too,” I admitted.

We looked at one another in awkward silence. We both knew it could never be. We had our own lives that seldom intersected with each other. This was the first chance meeting in a long while.

“Well I had better go,” she said. I wistfully smiled at her, not wanting to explore this any further. These were deep waters neither of us wanted to get lost in.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 99


This is based on real life situation where a particular friend and I have acknowledged we both have feelings for one another, but that’s as far as it goes… The tone of this story was helped with a rather mournful Mahler symphony playing in the background while I was writing it.


This was written with the prompt deep waters provided by the Carrot Ranch June 11 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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© 2020 Joanne Fisher






12 thoughts on “Deep Waters (flash fiction)

  1. Beautifully written it could happen any day. How many people feel something for each other but never speak out? Does it matter that they do if they don’t plan on taking it any further anyway? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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