The Message (flash fiction)


The Message



We had received a signal from deep space. It seemed to be a reply to a message we beamed out twenty years before. From our best guess, it seemed to come from ten light years away. We sent a reply and also tried to decipher what had been sent to us. Feasibility plans were also investigated on whether we could possibly send a probe to them, once we worked out exactly where they were.

Then finally it was announced to the public we had made contact with another interstellar civilisation. The entire world was shocked and then celebrated the news that we weren’t alone. There was a lot of speculation about them and whether there were also any other civilisations aside from theirs. Eventually life went back to some sort of normal, though with the knowledge that others were out there. We decided to send information about ourselves and our world to them.

Sixteen years after receiving the first message, a second one came. This surprised us. We weren’t expecting another reply for a further four years. The message seemed to be the same as the one before, and radio astronomers announced that somehow they appeared to be getting closer to us.

And then finally their transmission was deciphered. It was a single message: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.


Joanne Fisher



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