The Battle (flash fiction)


The Battle


“Vampires? Why does it have to be vampires?” the warrior asked as he looked at the horde in front of him. He turned to look at his own troops, too small in number to take them on or even be much use in defence. Where were their powerful leaders? How come they hadn’t turned up yet? Without them, they had little chance in winning. Overhead flew more of their enemies. “Vampires and dragons? What unholy alliance have they formed?”

“It’s their wizard. He summoned them and now they’re attacking our wizard and draining her lifeforce. If only we had some flying defenders to stop them. Our wizard is in trouble. We need to defend her.” the elven soldier by his side replied.

“Surely she must have some spell to stop them?”

“I think she’s holding out for our legendary heroes to come save the day. I fear it’s going to be up to us to bear the brunt of it.” the elf admitted. The warrior let out a sigh. He gripped his sword and waited for the vampire horde to advance. It was going to be a bad day…

As the vampire horde advanced, they swept away all that lay in front of them leaving their enemy wizard finally exposed. The vampires quickly destroyed her. The battle was lost.




“Rats! My deck failed to work this time.” she said as she picked up all her cards and shuffled them. Her opponent laughed.

“Elves and their puny allies are no match for my dragons and vampires!’ he said. “You want another game?”

“Sure. We’ll make it best of three.” She offered as she put her deck down on the table and drew another seven cards. This time she hoped it would work better.


Joanne Fisher


I guess I’m missing playing Magic the Gathering…



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