Therapy (flash fiction)




“It’s as though no one believes I’m a real person.” the man said as he lay back on the couch.

“Go on.” said the woman sitting on a chair writing notes.

“They seem to think I’m some fictitious entity intent on scamming all the time. I don’t know why.”

“I see. So how does that make you feel Mr Dorb?” asked the therapist.

“Please, call me Monreal. I guess I feel uncertain about how to change that perception.”

“Interesting, Monreal. I have another question for you.”


“When you were making an appointment, why did you send me 574 emails?


Joanne Fisher


It’s currently 4:54 am and I can’t sleep. Outside it’s -3° Celsius.


This is my second take on the prompt of who is Monreal Dorb? provided by the Carrot Ranch July 9 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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©2020 Joanne Fisher



21 thoughts on “Therapy (flash fiction)

  1. A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office and says, “My elderly grandmother thinks she’s Superman”
    The doctor says, “Why don’t you bring her in?”
    And, the man replies, “She keeps flying away”

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      1. It was my now brother in law who was the ex. I don’t remember exactly what happened following the text, but he definitely broke up with her because she’d gone to the hospital for mixing uppers and alcohol “too many times now.” My husband (the guy in this story is my husband’s identical twin) and I think he got in that relationship because he got jealous of his twin being the first to get a girlfriend in college.

        But fuck, he married a reaaaallll winner in the end. Yesiree Bob, a reaaaalllll winner. 😦 I hope I can one day resolve my differences, but that damned Yankee woman has taken more of my therapy sessions than she’s worth.

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