Dumb Vampires 7 (fiction)



Dumb Vampires




“Her name was originally Freyja Halvorsen. She tends to go by the name Freya now. She was from somewhere in Scandinavia, but I don’t know what year she was born, though I suspect it was some time ago. Her modus operandi is to find a person, usually another woman, who has quite a large social circle and to turn them into a vampire so she can gain access to the woman’s friends to feed on. Once they run out of people to feed on, or they get discovered, Freya abandons them and the woman she has turned is left to face the consequences alone.Β  Time and again I have come across people she has turned, along with a large number of bodies, but she has always long since disappeared. One day I hope to confront her.” Robert said as he drove the car towards the city. Robert was middle-aged with a trimmed beard that had flecks of grey. His brown short hair was going mostly grey as well. He wore glasses with a thick black rims. Across from him sat a younger man in his thirties, who was clean shaven and had longer brown hair, and who also wore glasses. Both were wearing dark suits.

“So you think this recent find of bodies is linked to her?” Tom, the younger man, asked.

“Yes I do, and we have to be extra cautious. She is dangerous and has killed countless numbers of people.”Β  There was silence as they traveled on.

“Why do we have to do everything together?” Tom suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?”

“When we check into hotels we stay in the same room, we even eat all our meals together. Everyone who comes across us thinks we’re a gay couple. It’s really spoiling my game.” Tom complained. Robert brought the car to the halt and turned to face him.

“Our job is to hunt and destroy vampires, not chase tail. Vampire hunting is a very dangerous occupation and you need to keep your mind on the job. Failure to do so may cost your life, and mine also.” Robert reprimanded him.

“I understand, but can’t I have some time to myself occasionally?” Tom asked. Robert grunted and started the car up.

Once they were in the city, they drove down the street of a respectable looking neighbourhood, and parked outside a large house with two storeys. Police cars and vans were everywhere. Many police walked back and forth, while a lot of people stood on the sidewalk watching it all. There were also television cameras and photographers everywhere.

“They’re obviously very well off.” Tom commented.

“The couple that owns this house are away on a cruise. The authorities are trying to contact them. Their daughter, Sarah, was staying here alone over the summer. This case is slightly different as Sarah has also disappeared. I have never known Freya to take someone with her. This time it’s different for some reason.” Robert informed him.

“And yet you still think this is Freya’s handiwork?”

“Yes I do. Aside from taking Sarah with her, the rest of it is textbook Freyja Halvorsen.” They got out of the car and walked towards the police cordon. They both showed identification to the officers at the entrance. “I’m Agent Thompson, and this is my associate, Agent Mitchell. We’re tracking a serial killer and we believe this crime scene is their handiwork.” Robert told them.

Once inside they were taken to the lounge and met Detective Harry Walker, who was the chief investigating officer. Bodies were still being brought out from the basement. The lounge was full of dead bodies, most now lying in body bags.

“So I’m told you think this is the doing of a serial killer you’re tracking. Can you tell me more about them?” Detective Walker asked them. He was a man in his fifties with grey tidy hair and wearing a brown suit.

“It’s a woman called Freyja Halvorsen. She ingratiates herself with people who have a large circle of friends and then kills them all.”

“A woman did this?” Detective Walker asked surprised. He bent down and showed them a body. “Tell me this, is she crazy? All the victims have puncture marks on their bodies, multiple ones, and they’ve all been exsanguinated.”

“We believe she thinks she’s a vampire. As far as we can tell she apparently feeds on their blood.” Robert told him. Walker grimaced.

“So she’s insane then, and a serial killer. We’ve counted over thirty bodies. We’re trying to identify them all at the moment. So far they all have a link to Sarah Williams. Is she among the dead here, or has she disappeared as well?” Walker asked.

“I don’t know. She may be with the killer.”

“You mean as a hostage?”

“I don’t know. I need more information about her. Freya has sometimes got them to help her.” Robert answered. Walkers mouth opened in shock.

“You mean Sarah may have helped with this? I don’t believe it!”

“Sadly it’s what we’ve found on other occasions. We think Freya is highly charismatic.”

“She would have to be. But each time is it this number of victims?” Walker asked.

“Yes. Sometimes less, and sometimes even more.” Walker was aghast with this news.

“You mean she’s going from city to city creating this mayhem? She must have killed hundreds by now. How come I haven’t heard of her before?”

“Due to the high number of atrocities she’s committed, we have been very reluctant to share news about her.” Robert informed him. Walker looked troubled by the explanation, as though he didn’t totally believe it.

“Do you have any ideas of how to find her?” Walker asked.

“Yes I do.” Robert replied. “We work out the identities of the dead and then log into Sarah’s social networking sites and work out who else in this area among her contacts is theoretically still alive. That may lead us to Sarah, and possibly Freya.”

“You think she may still be in the city?”

“The fact that Sarah is possibly missing makes me believe they may be still hiding out somewhere else in the city. And detective?” Robert asked.

“Yes Agent Thompson?”

“If they are somewhere else in this city, there may be even more bodies to find.” Robert answered. Detective Walker sat down on the couch looking pale.


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher



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