The Stars Above (poem/repost)


The Stars Above



I’m gobsmacked by creation –

go outside on a clear night

constellations litter

the black sky


other suns burning

billions of miles away

other suns with planets –

the universes eternal clockwork


& maybe

there are people like us

gazing into the dark

wondering if they’re alone


we could all be

looking up into the light

years of void between us

watching each other



Joanne Fisher



This was first published in Takahe and first appeared on this blog in May 2018.


My head still feels like it’s full of cotton wool, though I am slowly getting better. The next installment of Dumb Vampires is in my head, and hopefully I’ll be able to write it down in the next day or so.



Cthulhu joined me this evening and we read all your posts together. I think he liked them 😉



Thanks to Mary Jacinto for the coffees ❤️


Please donate! 🙂



©2020 Joanne Fisher







5 thoughts on “The Stars Above (poem/repost)

  1. Cthulhu is cute 🙂 What freaks me out about the stars is because of the time for light to travel, we are seeing the light of a star from many years in the past. So are we looking at an ancient past civilization? I hope your head feels better.

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